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We are able to offer best quality Tax Consultant Services. We undertake Regulatory compliance such as documents preparations and statutory returns, compilations, and e-filings with the revenue authorities. We also help our clients in the preparation of tax returns so as to ensure compliance with different acts and the other judicial pronouncements. Our services are widely demanded their reliability, flexibility and on-time execution.
PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY:- -------------------------------------- Introduction: Public Limited Companies are companies whose shares are traded in stock market or issues fixed deposits. For Public Limited Company Registration, the company must have minimum 3 Directors, 7 Shareholders and Maximum 50 Directors and need ₹.5 Lakhs of Paid up Capital. A Public limited company have all the advantages of Private Limited Company and the ability to have any number of members, ease in transfer of shareholding and more transparency. Public Limited Registration is done through Taxteam. Advantages of Public Limited Company:- -Limited Liability-Members Personal assets are safe, Liability of company is limited to the assets of same. -Uninterrupted Existence-A company has perpetual existence and remains unaffected by death of any of its members or change in membership. -Borrowing Capacity-In compare to other forms, more preference is given to public limited company in giving loan. -Separate Legal Entity-A public limited company is a legal entity and a juristic person established under the Act. -Listing Shares on Exchange-By following compliances public limited company can list its shares on stock exchange. -Quick Share Transfer-Shareholders of Public Limited Company can transfer their Shares with great ease. Legal Requirements:  Minimum 7 Shareholders  Minimum 3 Directors  At least one Indian Resident Director  Share Capital as per Clients choice  DIN for all Directors Documents Required: Scanned Copy of the Following Documents has to be Provide by the Promoters of the Company:  PAN card copy with Self attestation.  Voter Id copy or Passport copy or Aadhar card copy or Driving license copy with self-attestation.Latest Bank account statement or Mobile /Telephone bill or Electricity Bill (not older than two months)- no need for self-attestation.  Latest passport size photo in jpg.  For the registered office proof of the company, if the property is rented/ leased, then copy or rental agreement or lease agreement.  Copy of Electricity bill or Property Tax receipt or Water Tax receipt not older than two months.  Copy of No objection certificate from the owner of the property.  If owned property, copy of Sale Deed and Electricity bill is sufficient.  In case of NRI or Foreign national, Passport copy has to be notarized at the Indian Embassy of the particular country.  Utility bill has to be provided of the particular country where the NRI or Foreign national resides and it should be notarized. Our Services  Digital Signature for Directors  DIN for Directors  Name search & approval  Preparation of MOA/AOA  ROC registration Fees  Company PAN with TAN